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~About the Artist~

Elijah Holmes

~ Visionary Artist ~


Elijah Holmes was born and raised in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado surrounded by artists, mountains and inspirational beauty.  His entire life is dedicated to glass and music.

~My Mother and I~


Elijah has learned through his triumphs and failures that art
should be viewed as a form of medicine,,

A healing expression for both the artist and the patron to discover the common ground we share and a catalyst in awakening to the synchronicities eternally ensconcing us.

He has an immense reverence for life and a belief that all is sacred, from the dirt on the ground, to the shoes that tred upon it, from the smallest of smalls, to the largest of large. 


Elijah's respect for all that is, was, and will ever be shines through each of his pieces.

"Art is just a term used to describe the physical

manifestation of ones' philosophies"

~Elijah Holmes~

~Elijah's Photography~

~Mr Shanee~

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