Frequently Asked Questions

What if I'm feeling overwhelmed?

Of course, you're not alone I am here to assist with any parts of the healing process that I can. If you are uncomfortable removing ashes from the urn, or are unsure how to remove them,, you can either ask a trusted friend or return to the funeral home and ask them to remove a small ammount for you.

How do I send my loved one's ashes to you?

Please double bag the ashes and write your name on the bag, and send them to me at: Elijah Holmes P.O. BOX 206 Glen Haven CO. 80532 All ashes are treated with love and reverance.

What are the approximate sizes of my glass cremation memorials?

Most of my glass pendants (unless otherwise specified) are about 1 - 1.5in at their widest. My cremation paperweights vary based on your order,, I have 2"-3", 3"-4", and 4"-5" paperweights

Custom orders and size requests welcome

How much of my loved one's ashes are needed for my pieces?

Generally,,, unless we're working on a custom piece, only one tablespoon per piece is needed. All unused ash will be returned. However, if you would like, it would be my honor to spread any remaining ashes around my meditation spots at my home in the Roosevelt National Forest.

How long will it take to recieve my cremation art?

From the time I recieve your loved one's ashes, I will ship your memorials within one to two weeks.

Why do I see bubbles in my cremation pieces?

The ashes of your loved ones create small bubbles during the creation process, I like to think them of as memory of your loved one's soul.

How safe is sending my loved one's ashes?

Very safe, through the thousands of pieces I've made, I have yet to have an issue!

Are my loved one's ashes visible?

Yes, quite so and they appear as little snow like stars through the piece, reminding us that we come from star dust and return to star dust floating through the sky

What is 'Glass Cremation Art'

Glass Cremation Art is handmade glass art pieces with the ashes of your loved one(s) permanently floating within the glass to be cherished for generations