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~Ordering Process~

"Pendants with Ashes"


The best way to reach me is through email as I am a one man band and spend an enormous amount of time in my studio making glass and am often unable to answer the phone.  Your family and your order are very important to me and I will get back to you right away.

Feel free to email any questions you have, and of course, should you need me to call you, leave a message, either email or voice mail,
and I will get back to you asap.




Phone: 970-449-2583

Love, Light and Prayers
      for healing your hearts

            Namaste ~ Elijah

To complete your order, please provide the following:

  1. Let me know the piece that you like

  2. Let me know what color(s) you would like

  3. Feel free to provide any information you want to share with me about your loved one. I am always interested in the spirit that has moved on for which I am creating the pieces

  4. A "ship to" address and payment details 

  5. You can mail your loved ones ashes, about a tablespoon per piece to:

    Elijah Holmes
    Box 206
    Glen Haven, CO  80532

    All ashes are treated with the utmost reverence, respect, and love


  6. Should there be any leftover ashes, I will return them with your pieces

  7. Payment through Pay Pal is most convenient. However, I accept all major forms of credit cards and you are welcome to send a check as well

"Divinity of Consciousness"  

"Sun Dance"

With love and light

Elijah Holmes

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