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Pieces, Prices, and Ordering




Elijah's Cremation Pendants come in three varieties, heart shaped, round, or arrowhead and can be created in almost any color or a combination of colors.

These Cremation Pendants start at $75 each, special requests slightly increase in price.



Set of paperweights.jpg

Elijah's Cremation Paperweights come in several varieties: flat heart shaped, stand up sculpture heart shaped, round, or dog bones and can be created in almost any color or a combination of colors.

IMG_20200529_121504_798 (2).jpg

As with any of Elijah's designs, he is always willing to work with you on custom ideas if you have something meaningful that you would like to discuss.

Paperweights start at $125 for a roughly three inches laying flat on your desk or sentimental area.

The larger paperweights that stand straight up are quite the eye catcher, standing about five inches tall, and are quite stable, these start at $200.

The dog bone paperweights are around 5 inches as well, and also start at $200, and can be matched with your fur babies colors, or anything special to you.


Shot Glasses~

red SG.jpg
SG three.jpg

These Shot Glasses start at $75 per glass, or $250 for a set of four.


Everything you need to know about ordering:


  • Please connect with us, via email (below), so we know you are ordering and should be expecting the ashes to arrive.

  • Please place 1 teaspoon of ash, per piece, into a small zip lock baggie labeled with "your" name, contact information and the address we should ship your precious piece(s) to.

  • Please also include your order information, ie: what type of piece(s), how many,  preferred colors, etc. 

  • Place the labeled baggie with the ashes and order information into a small box for shipping addressed to:

    Elijah Holmes
    Box 206
    Glen Haven, CO  80532


  • Your order should ship back to you within 3 to 4 weeks after receipt of the ashes. 

  • Please advise if you would like us to scatter any remaining ashes in the Roosevelt National Forest adjoining our property, and say a meditation prayer, or we can return them, please let us know.

  • We accept all major forms of payment, credit cards, cash, Pay Pal, checks, etc. We want to make this process as painless as possible for our clients so please let us know how we can help.

~About the Artist~

Elijah Holmes

~ Visionary Artist ~


Elijah Holmes was born and raised in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado surrounded by artists, mountains and inspirational beauty.  His entire life is dedicated to glass and music.

Elijah has learned through his triumphs and failures that art
should be viewed as a form of medicine,,

A healing expression for both the artist and the patron to discover the common ground we share and a catalyst in awakening to the synchronicities eternally ensconcing us.

He has an immense reverence for life and a belief that all is sacred, from the dirt on the ground, to the shoes that tred upon it, from the smallest of smalls, to the largest of large. 

Elijah's respect for all that is, was, and will ever be shines through each of his pieces.

"It takes some rain
to make a rainbow..."

~ Elijah Holmes