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Aspen Leaf Pendant Custom

Aspen Leaf Pendant Custom


This a stunning glass Aspen Leaf Necklace Pendant,


Around a quarter in size (Custom size and colors available), and a nice sized loop for a chain to go through, (Chain not included)


This listing is for only one piece, please indicate the color you would like while purchasing, thank you.


Sometimes in life we must learn from the Aspens, when the cold harshness of the world knocks on our door, we shed the excess in order to focus our attention on what's most nessecary, and these pendants are a wonderful reminder to keep close to your heart as we travel through this life thing.


The Aspen leaf series are the only available work that is made to order, and like people, snowflakes, and pizzas, they will never be exactly the same, but very close, bear in mind that color varies from monitor to monitor. The piece you will recieve will be a beautiful Aspen Leaf Pendant made with love just for you.


Handmade by, Elijah Holmes

  • Returns

    Unfortunately, due to the nature of art, we do not accept returns, if you have an issue please email us and we will work with you to make sure you walk away satisfied,


    Thank you for understanding.

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